Vacuum cleaners? Yes, I have a few. Until fairly recently I hadn’t explored the world of vacuum cleaner collectors, mainly because…. they’re vacuum cleaners. What is there to say about them? I poked around some collecting groups and the hub of vacuum cleaner collecting activity on the ‘net, vacuumland.org. The many varieties, cheerful colors, and in some instances insane design features made me understand it more. Am I setting out to build a grand collection of them? No, but I have learned to appreciate them and may pick up some cooler ones along the way. The cleaners below are mine.

  • Model XXX (Mfd. 1937-1954)
  • Model LX (Mfd. 1952-1955. This model features an automatic bag eject – when tuned properly, the vacuum shuts itself off, drops the front of the canister and launches the full bag across the room up to 10 feet (3 meters) away. Mine also has the spring-loaded cord rewind.)
  • Model E (Mfd. 1954-1956)