This is a page that’ll get you to the music collection of mine, spread out across many different formats and years. So far I’ve got at least one album for every consecutive year from 1958 to 2006. At the moment this page is horridly out of date, but is being updated and expanded.

Phonograph Records

45s: LOAD”45RPM”,8
78s: LOAD”78RPM”,8

33rpm Box Sets: LOAD”BOXSETS”,8

Audio Tapes

Cassette Tapes: LOAD”CASSETTE”,8
8-Track Tapes: LOAD”8TRACK”,8

Reel-to-Reel Tapes: LOAD”REELTOREEL”,8

Compact Discs

Paper Rolls

88-Note Piano Rolls: LOAD”PIANOROLLS”,8

Stereo Equipment: LOAD”STEREO_EQUIPMENT”,8

  • B-flat Trumpet
  • 1919 Melville-Clark Apollophone player piano