3, 2, 1, Clear! A 2-Year Retrospective

September 2014

Last post on The Daily Clipper

October 2014

Antique Typewriter Collector’s Meeting

Speed Typing Competition

January 2015

First Concert


February 2015

Eagle Scout Rank; 18th Birthday

Twinkie with candles

May 2015

Graduated High School


July 2015

First Job

Subway Restaurant

September 2015

Walt Disney World

Portrait at Epcot

October 2015

Antique Typewriter Collector’s Meeting

Parking at Typewriter Event

November 2015

The Retroid.xyz domain name is purchased.

December 2015

Second Job

Kroger Food and Pharmacy

February 2016

First Car

Red 1985 VW Cabriolet

April 2016

First Breakdown

Car Towed

May 2016

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons game

August 2016

First Traffic Ticket

Car in ditch

September 2016

Third Job

Encore Automatic Banjo

October 2016

Wisdom Teeth Removed; The Daily Clipper Returns

Stay tuned.

-T1peM0nkey, 2016

4 thoughts on “3, 2, 1, Clear! A 2-Year Retrospective”

    1. The D.C. Ramey Piano Company specializes in the restoration and manufacture of vintage automatic musical instruments, primarily Orchestrions. The machine pictured is the 53rd Encore Automatic Banjo we’be constructed and sold. So not exactly, but I did help assemble the Banjo pictured. Here’a a link to see one play: https://youtu.be/–QhVB7YqOI

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